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“ The Best of Asia’s Comprehensive Media Show ”
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with the Cutting Edge Technologies 

The Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show, the name of the KOBA, 

is held to mark the 31st exhibition this year. KOBA was first held in 1991, co-organized by Korea E&EX

and KOBETA(Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association).


KOBA has greatly enhanced the Korean broadcasting culture and the image development, sound, and lighting industries in Korea.

KOBA 2023 will be held in COEX halls A, C, and D; the total exhibition coverage will be 25,405 square meters. 

KOBA is going to be presenting the next generation's broadcasting services and the future of the image, sound and lighting industries. 

Moreover, you will witness how the media has changed and developed at KOBA 2023.


In particular, during the KOBA Show, more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences will be hosted 

by KOBETA (The Korea Broadcasting Engineers &Technicians Association). Also, the sound-related seminars held by technical experts 

will be organized by KASA (Korea Association of Sound Artists) and the Acoustical Society of Korea, providing an opportunity to 

acquire specialized information regarding sound and broadcasting systems. In addition to that, a wide variety of events are planned.


The global trend "Convergence" creates a dynamic market that encourages customer participation and brings about the development 

of innovative techniques that go beyond the boundaries of technology, services and industry. 

KOBA 2023 provides the opportunity to explore new contents within the realm of broadcasting,

as well as the modernization of the video, audio, and lighting industries.



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Korea E & Ex Inc. (KOBA Organizer)
Ms. Rosie Yu (rose@eandex.co.kr)
Tel. +82-2-551-0102     Fax. +82-2-551-0103      E-mail. koba@kobashow.com