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Smart Lift Monitor and Mic System for Paperless Conference Room
2020-03-17 Views: 1909

DigiWill's Smart Lift Monitor and Mic system can be provided with the up-and-coming IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization) technology based Conference Support Software which realizes paperless environment for the various conference rooms of coporates, local governments or city council, National Assembly, etc.


All documents for discussion or presentation can exist in the central server, or can be brought in an USB or in a notebook, then easily distributed or shared for all attendees. As all data produced during the conference remain only in central server when each session is over, this is a lot more suitable system for conferences requiring higher security.


Being evolved from VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology, IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization) occupies a lot less network bandwidth, and ensures uninterrupted conference operation by maintaining earlier distributed meeting materials even if when network failure takes place.