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LaON will spotlight its new converged intercom system Genie at KOBA
2019-10-24 Views: 2162

LaON Technology is a Korea based intercom manufacturer that has core technologies about wireless audio transmission and IP technology. Unlike other intercom players who have long histories in the broadcast and pro-audio industry, LaON’s starting point was from a unique wireless technology it has. LaON has its own wireless SoC and RF modules which were developed in LaON’s R&D house and a patent about an intercom operation by using IP based repeaters. Since LaON has released the world’s first high end 5GHz wireless intercom system in 2013, now the new concept of intercom system Genie has just been unveiled in last February 2019.

LaON’s next generation intercom system, Genie, is the industry''''s first converged digital intercom system enabling both IP wired communications and 5GHz wireless communications in one system. The Genie system comprises two different base stations, remote antenna, repeater, Ethernet speaker station, Ethernet beltpack and wireless beltpack, and you can connect all of these Ethernet and wireless devices into a single base station. Either wired or wireless devices of Genie can be configured for simple communications efficiently upon requirement. On the other hand, Genie is a daisy-chain PoE scalable solution facilitating connection across an entire studio building or stadium to support a large scale of events.



Genie Solo offers 188 IP or wireless beltpack channels, enabling 70 beltpacks to stay in full-duplex mode. Up to 66 remote antenna or repeater can be connected to cover wide area of coverage. Both BS1000 base station and ISS800 Ethernet speaker station provide 8 talk routing buttons with 4 interfacing channels each and, IBP10 Ethernet beltpack offers 4 talk buttons for 8 talk routing channels which supports users easily route various and complex communications.



Redundant backup system can be configured by the PoE daisy-chain connection and the BS1000 base station offers an optional dual power. Furthermore, Genie is an Ethernet synchronization technology applied system that can avoid any possible wireless interference, packet loss, delay and jitter among the devices on Ethernet network. Environmental sealing remote antenna is perfect to be used at outdoor venues and industry facilities of harsh environments.



LaON intercom systems are already well known as its excellent audio clarity and low system latency. Additionally, the wireless stability and connectivity is even enhanced on Genie. And, designated Genie configuration manager(GCM) supports for the easy and consolidated management of the system setting, change of the setting, monitoring and more. 




Genie is a total packaging hybrid system which has been designed by various requirements and feedbacks from intercom professionals and clients with LaON’s new idea, know-how and technology.


At KOBA show this year, LaON will spotlight Genie and invite main distributors, partners, clients and industry professionals for Genie introduction and demonstrations. Also, there will be a Genie training session on the first day of the show to help the distributors and partners have the better understanding about Genie and for boundaryless application ideas with Genie