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StreamVision Co., Ltd. participates in KOBA2024 and unveils an integrated digital mixer (SV-Mixer) that supports all-IP (NDI/ST-2110) transmission standards
2024-01-12 Views: 2589

StreamVision Co., Ltd. (CEO Bae Seung-gil) announced that it will participate in the "KOBA 2024" at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, from May 21 to 24.

Starting with IPTV in 2005, Internet broadcasting, mobile broadcasting, N-screen media, OTT media solutions, and high-end broadcasting equipment 4K/8K have grown into a solid technology-oriented company based on 19 years of R&D capabilities.

It is a familiar company that is recognized for its technological prowess in the domestic broadcasting market, as there are 900 sites (KTV, SKB, Seoul City Council, Hyundai Motor Group, CJENM, Gangwon Provincial Government, ETRI, KEB Hana Bank, etc.).


In general, integrated broadcasting systems had to be purchased and built individually, such as video switches, audio mixers, subtitles, recorders, encoder/stream servers, PTZ camera control systems, and micro control systems, but supporting these functions in a single system is the biggest feature and advantage.

Through this, various purchasing effects can be obtained, such as preventing double purchases, minimizing purchase costs, minimizing equipment configuration, and minimizing operating personnel.

The existing construction method had to waste valuable national budget due to the double purchase, but StreamVision Co., Ltd. boldly integrated it, breaking away from the existing industry practice of "digital mixer + PTZ camera/microphone control system" and launching SV-Mixer PTZ mode (camera/microphone control, domestic and international) that integrated it into a single system. It is recognized for its excellent technology and economic feasibility by universities and broadcasting stations as well as public institutions in the National Assembly and the headquarters.

Through this, it served as a foothold for solving the inconveniences and disadvantages of having to link multiple broadcasting equipment and purchase them separately with a complex configuration, and the parliament's live broadcasting system can be simply configured. It can be seen that the foundation for single-person control has been laid.

Various positive effects can be achieved, such as efficient operation/management, prevention of waste of national budgets from double purchases, rapid disaster recovery due to simplification, and efficient maintenance and management.

In addition, customers using SV-Mixer products will be provided free of charge so that they do not purchase the recently released "speech control, absenteeism" software separately.

Stream Vision's SV-Mixer, which has references such as councils and government offices in many metropolitan cities in Korea, presents new standards to the industry that provide auxiliary software such as speech control and absence free of charge as essential products for local council communication, and can be an opportunity for customers to minimize construction costs.


All-IP broadcasting equipment is judged to be the basis for the development of the future media industry, and after a long period of R&D investment, it is the only company in Korea that provides an environment such as all-IP-based broadcasting relay/transmission/organization/encoding/streaming/recording/injest/asset management by supporting traditional input/output interfaces such as SDI/UDP/RTMP/HLS/WS/WSS as well as input/output interfaces through networks such as NDI/NDI-Hx/NDI-Hx2/SMPTE.