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JooSung Planning Participates in KOBA2023 with OBSBOT PTZ Webcam!
2023-05-11 Views: 780


JooSung Planning Corp. (OBSOT Official Exclusive Distributor in Korea) Participates in KOBA2023

JooSung Planning (CEO: Kayden, Choi) is an OBSBOT exclusive distributor in korea, a webcam brand sold in more than 150 countries around the world, and will participate in OBSBOT Tiny series (Tiny 4K, Tiny), ultra-high-definition webcam OBSBOT Meet 4K, and automatic selfie mount OBSBOT Me. Visit the C Hall C405 booth to experience outstanding performance and sensuous design through the product experience.



REMO Tech Introduces OBSBOT Tiny2 Ahead of Global Launch at KOBA 2023

REMO Tech was founded in April 2016 that manufactures an artificial intelligence camera brand OBSBOT, has been dedicated to connecting users and the video industry to the future and hopes to change the way users live through innovative technologies and sensuous products. Tiny2, the latest flagship product to be introduced at KOBA 2023, will be equipped with the latest artificial intelligence-based technology to provide users with unforgettable experience and performance beyond expectations.


Tiny2's Smart Features

The unique features of the Tiny series, such as auto zooming and AI auto tracking with gesture control, are further enhanced in Tiny2. With the addition of hand tracking and zone tracking functions to the existing portrait tracking function, you can take more diverse images. Tiny2's new voice control feature allows you to easily adjust the camera angle with just your voice during activities such as yoga and lectures. You can also use Desk Mode and Whiteboard Mode to communicate exactly and effectively what you mean.



High performance 1/1.5” CMOS

Tiny2 includes high-performance CMOS in addition to the unique features of the previously released Tiny series (Tiny 4K, Tiny). While most commercial webcams have 1/2.0” CMOS, Tiny2 has successfully optimized 1/1.5” CMOS to significantly improve dynamic motion capture and color performance. Even when shooting 4K images at 30fps or 1080p images at 60fps, Tiny2 gives users a breakthrough experience.


All-Pixel Auto Focus Technology & Dual Native ISO

For more accurate focus, Tiny2 uses the new all-pixel auto focus technology with a 50-megapixel sensor to deliver four times faster focus response times than a typical webcam. When two native ISOs are combined in one CMOS at the same time, they automatically switch to optimal ISO settings even in different lighting environments, providing superior imaging results without being affected by the lighting environment.