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PIXTREE, Inc. unveils PrestoWorks, the first media workflow that applies AI technology in Korea.
2023-05-10 Views: 815



PIXTREE, Inc (CEO Shin, Jaeseob), a company specializing in AI-based multimedia solutions, today announced PrestoWorks, the first AI media workflow solution in Korea that applies artificial intelligence to key processes in the multimedia processing workflow.
PrestoWorks consists of pre-processing solution PrestoFilters, conversion solution PrestoScalers, encoding solution PrestoEncoders, and meta-processing solution PrestoMeta, which can be applied to traditional media broadcast infrastructure and hypermedia infrastructure such as the latest trendy shortform. All solutions are available as on-premises equipment and cloud-oriented SaaS.
PrestoFilters automates the detection and correction of degradation by applying artificial intelligence techniques to modernize the quality of many older pieces of content stored in archives. PrestoScalers consists of a live resolution upconverter, a frame rate upconverter, and a media format adaptation converter, enabling low-cost conversion of the resolution, frame rate, and format of produced content to 4K/8K, which is expected to contribute significantly to the proliferation of UHD content.
PrestoEncoders presents a new paradigm in the field of transcoders by applying the latest AI-based technologies such as image quality improvement, ROI region extraction, and subjective/objective image quality evaluation technology. PrestoMeta extracts various information inside the content as metadata, which can be utilized for editing, searching, categorization, etc.
"We plan to replace existing media workflow technologies with AI-based media solutions by fusing our accumulated technology in the media field with our technology in the AI field to solve media workflow challenges that have been difficult to solve so far," said Shin, Jaeseob, CEO of PIXTREE, Inc. "The PrestoWorks solution will bring about innovative changes in the multimedia industry."
The PrestoWorks solution will make its debut at the KOBA exhibition starting May 16.