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Mewpot Participating in 2023 KOBA...Introducing all-in-one service - background music, sound effects, fonts, and template - for video production... "A breakthrough in cost and time!"
2023-05-10 Views: 617


Mewpot is an all-in-one service that provides background music, sound effects, fonts, and video templates, which are essential elements for video production. With Mewpot, video producers will be able to produce a variety of video content more easily than before.The content provided by Mewpot is a corporate work that is 100% owned by Mewpot and provides a secure license. In the case of background music, an average of 100 to 250 new music sources are produced per month, so users can experience Mewpot's own trendy music.Through Mewpot Studio, which just opened in 2023, it is possible to identify the characteristics of the company.Mewpot, which will participate in the 2023 KOBA Fair, will introduce Mewpot services in depth to video and content producers and show various events that can only be seen offline.CEO of Mewpot said "Video producers no longer have to go around looking for background music, sound effects, fonts, and video templates. If you use the all-in-one service provided by Mewpot, you can make the video production process more convenient and faster." "We look forward to introducing self-produced background music, sound effects, fonts, and video template services at the 2023 KOBA Fair and receiving interest and love from many people."