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RTcom, the leading digital video and audio transmission solution company, exhibits new 3 matrix series at KOBA 2023
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RTcom Co., Ltd. [CEO Lee Jong-il], a leading provider of digital video and audio transmission solutions established in 2001, said it will participate in KOBA 2023, which will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from May 16 to May 19.
RTcom Co., Ltd. is a leading company in digital video and audio transmission solutions established in 2001. RTcom Co.,Ltd. develops and produces products from various interfaces such as matrix switchers for switching audio and video signals, optical links and CAT5/e solutions for long-distance transmission of video signals, and distributions for video signal distribution and amplification.
RTcom Co., Ltd., which will participate in 2023 (31st Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show) for the first time in about seven years, will introduce three new matrix solutions: ▷ SPX Series ▷XDM Series ▷QMS-44 UX. All of them are self-developed and produced products, of which XDM and QMS-44 UX products are new products that increase performance by reflecting the market trend of changing existing VDM and QMS-44 products from FHD to 4K.

First of all, 

<XDM Series Image>

▷ XDM Series is a modular matrix switch that fully supports 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 resolution and is compatible with various interfaces in the A/V market, including HDMI, CATx, Fiber, and 12G-SDI. In addition, the XDM has also developed slots that support Display Port, allowing it to operate in a more diverse environment. XDM Series can operate seamless switching, video wall, and quad view in 4K 60Hz environments. Also, XDM Matrix supports Dante Audio for input/output. It allows users to insert/extract, switch and merge audio from sources connected with matrix over the Dante Network.

<QMS-44UX Images front & diagonal>

▷ Second, QMS-44UX is a Matrix Switcher which is designed for anytime, anywhere and anyone by an easy and convenient way to use. It has been developed to support 4K UHD resolution on 1080P Full HD by upgrading the resolution of the existing our QMS-44 presentation matrix. Like the existing QMS-44, it supports four input and four output ports, and supports Seamless Switching, 2x2 Video Wall, 2x2 Quad View, and PIP features receive a variety of image input sources to configure four screens each or a single display, and can be customized through a variety of layouts. This versatile QMS-44UX offers solutions optimized for various environments, including schools, hospitals, churches, military units, video conference rooms and situation rooms. It also supports IR remote control so that users can control and operate more conveniently. Long-distance communication control is possible through RS-232C, LAN (TCP/IP), and when directly controlled, it can be controlled through the front button.

<SPX Series Image>

▷ At last, SPX (Signal Processing eXpert) Matrix Series is a new matrix switcher that can distribute 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 18Gps signal and select various resolutions. SPX Series Matrix Switcher comes with 5 different main chassis size depending on the # of outputs needed. It features seamless switching, independent scaling output, video wall, Multiview(Quad View), audio extraction and CEC display control. This versatile device can be applicable to various cases such as sportsbar, restaurants, meeting room and hospitality market.

<SPX Series Diagram>

One of the features of the SPX series, up to 120 output ports enable a wide range of display initiatives.