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WELLOFF Co., Ltd. Presents High Performance storage system
2023-05-02 Views: 777

 Wellsware which developed by Welloff for the first time in Korea, it shows high-performance that satisfy both performance and capacity required in the broadcasting/video field.

Welloff Co., Ltd. announced that it will participated in the KOBA 2022 held at COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul from June 29 to July 1. The developed high-performance storage, Wellsware has already been exhibited and NABShow in Lasvegas in the US, BirTV in Beijing, and NASShow in Shanghai in China.


Wellsware based on the developed high-performance OS platform environment supports RDMA(Remote Direct Memory Access) and QoS(Quality of Service), so that the performance of each client can be adjusted to optimally provide high performance to each client. In addition, we have the flexibility to customize and deliver the performance of 200Gb/s(25,600 MB/s) and 400Gb/s(51,200 MB/s) that customers want. “Order a sports car that delivers the driving speed you want.”  
It will dramatically shorten the customer’s working tine, helping customers to create more business opportunities

And if you would additionally store the completed data source in same storage and work on several video layers at the same time, you will need both superior performance and storage space.

The RAID algorithm, which has been sufficiently verified in performance and reliability for 20 years for media/entertainment video work, is loaded in Wellsware. There are functions to tune the optimal performance according to the application.

Wellsware provides a web-based, esay-to-manager GUI tool to monitor and diagnose settings and status. It supports flexible continuity in case of connection port failure/addition/reduction with clients in use.