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Visual Research Inc. Showcases the Next Generation of Real-time 3D Graphics Solutions at KOBA 2023
2023-04-24 Views: 825


 Visual Research Inc. (VRi) will showcase their new products, KarismaCG3 and Karisma Studio, at KOBA 2023, to be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, from May 16th to 19th.
‘KarismaCG3’, presented by VRi, is the new product of the KarismaCG series, a real-time 3D graphics solution for broadcasting that has been loved in over 300 broadcasting sites for the past 20 years. It mainly operates in newsrooms, election counting broadcasts, sports broadcasts, and weather forecasts that require accuracy and stability. The interface optimized for real-time CG graphics provides designers with an optimal creation environment. For operators, it provides operating stability proven by years of know-how. KarismaCG3 also adapted the PBR shading (Physical-based-rendering), providing the audience the utmost visual experience through the rendering-software-level effects.
KarismaCG3 can edit and playout beyond HD to 4K environment and supports HDR 10 bit. Convenience and work efficiency has been improved by reflecting the needs of the leading broadcasting sites, and various functions to prevent broadcasting accidents are supported to build up more stable broadcast.
‘Karisma Studio’ is an all-in-one graphics solution for ultra-high-resolution video walls. Karisma Studio can adjust the resolution according to the video wall's specification. Depending on the line-up, it can play up to 9,600 pixels (HX) or 15,360 pixels (UX) based on width. Not only playback videos, but Karisma Studio also can create and playout 2D/3D graphics for broadcasting, including text, videos, images, and 3D objects in real-time.
Karisma Studio can individually control the size and position of the multiple PIPs on the video wall display. In addition, Karisma Studio is an optimized solution for the broadcast environment by providing an intuitive
playout-customized interface to prevent accidents that may occur during live broadcasting and supports a wide range of standards for broadcasting.
Visitors can experience ‘KarismaCG3’ and ‘Karisma Studio’ at the Visual Research booth at the upcoming KOBA 2023. For more information, please visit http://www.vricg.tv




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