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Hyperwall opens a new era in integrated control in the metaverse space using AI with the launch of the next-generation IP video wall system V8.0
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The true S/Wipwall – Hyperwall of overwhelming performance
It is the next generation IP video wall system that develops, applies, and builds ultra-intelligent, hyper-connected, hyper-realistic technologies to integrated control centers in smart cities, public institutions, power plants, manufacturers, and various sites


With the release of the next-generation IP video wall system V8.0, Hyperwall is opening a new era in integrated control in the metaverse space using AI.

▶Photo 1, Hyperwall Icon Composition Diagram

Hyperwall (CEO Ahn Hee-seok) launched a new version (8.0) in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution after the next-generation IP wall controller system "Hyperwall" obtained TTA GS (grade 1).
V8.0 will standardize all APIs with the goal of integrated control in the metaverse space and lay the foundation for practical use of digital twins in the future, while analyzing operator patterns using AI functions to further enhance operator convenience.

▶Photo 2, Hiperwall Next Generation UI Schematic Diagram

Following GS certification, a national certification system that grants domestic software (SW) quality ratings, Hyperwall, which holds four domestic patents, is a next-generation IP wall controller based on S/W.
Unlike conventional H/W, hyperwalls based on S/W treat system ultra-high-resolution images and streaming (images) with distributed processing technology (patent), providing high-capacity data processing technology and system flexibility, scalability, and security.

In particular, V8.0 added convenient functions to build and operate a super-large video wall, and the super-large LED wall can be configured according to the operation purpose, strengthening the security function of operator management for each zone, and allowing objects operated by each zone to operate conveniently without affecting other zones. It is a structure that can operate multiple control situation rooms within an integrated system. It also supports the HiperView Quantum function to prevent the Tearing phenomenon that occurs when playing high-resolution images.

▶Photo 3 Hiperwall 8.0 UI

It also launched a solution to protect the safety of workers exposed to serious disasters by commercializing a smart industrial safety system based on real-time two-way broadcasting system technology using distributed visualization technology developed with the support of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

▶Photo 4 Smart Safety Solutions and Smart Vests

Smart safety solutions are designed to prevent industrial accidents that may occur at construction sites or various industrial sites through smart vests using the Iot function, to monitor workers' movements, real-time images, sensors to prevent mutual calls and gas poisoning accidents, and to control them in conjunction with Hyperwall, an integrated control system.

Hyperwall (CEO Ahn Hee-seok) is expected to be able to implement a future integrated monitoring and control system that enhances digital twin, which links real-time integrated control and monitoring technology with the metaverse platform.
The Metaverse Control Center enables control and monitoring in various virtual spaces, such as smart cities, smart intelligent control, power plants, and manufacturing company production lines, the same as the actual control center's control

In addition, the solution can control large images of more than 1 billion pixels without distortion by applying parallel distributed processing technology, which can be used in various scientific and industrial fields in high-resolution image processing. It is mainly used in image analysis, situation room control, and exhibition solutions, and controls audio signals synchronized with images, so there is no need for separate audio facilities.

Existing controllers on the market have limited CPU and network processing speed and capacity because they control multiple monitors and clients with one server.

To solve this problem, Hyperwall independently developed a distributed processing system and designed it to process all configurations within the network. It is designed with a distributed structure that can expand the system indefinitely by connecting monitors and clients to a network and increasing the number of switch subscriber lines.

When building a Super large LED wall
It is very interesting that clients connected to the network automatically synchronize the contents implemented when using an infinite expansion structure and multiple LED controllers.
The advantages are that the super-large WALL can operate independently in each screen (zone) that is split, the difficulty of implementing in the existing hardware WALL, and the ease of implementing in the software IP WALL
In fact, the biggest advantage of software IPWALL is that it is possible to use the latest version continuously, as long as you have a continuous upgrade, a continuous version, and a maintenance contract

Ahn Hee-seok, CEO of Hyperwall, expressed strong confidence, saying, "If sales are growing rapidly every year and related products are registered in 2023, they will be reborn as a competitive mid-sized company in the smart IP WALL control market."