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LaON, Enhanced Genie Hybrid Intercom on Stage
2023-04-18 Views: 548

LaON Technology will showcase new Genie product family at KOBA show 2023.


LaON’s flagship intercom system, Genie, is the industry's first matrixless converged digital IP intercom system enabling both IP Key panels/IP Beltpack and channel-rich 5GHz wireless communications in one system with the best-in-class audio clarity and extra low latency.


Genie offers 128 IP Key Panel or IP Beltpack, and 128 wireless beltpack or wireless IFB receiver connections, enabling 70 beltpacks to stay in full-duplex mode with a single base station. Genie is a standard IP based daisy-chain PoE scalable solution facilitating connection across an entire studio, stadium and theatre with up to 66 Remote Antenna or Repeater per system which is scalable enough to replace the high-cost traditional analog matrix system based intercom system. It is perfect system to be used for large scale of events or facilities and can be connected with standard LAN/Fibre cables only without any analog cables. Six(6) channel Genie WAN Link supports for remote productions connecting Genie devices remotely through WAN/internet.


The system comprises a base station, IP key panel, IP remote antenna, IP repeater, IP beltpack, Line Router, WAN Link and 5GHz wireless beltpack and 5GHz wireless IFB receiver. Either wired or wireless system can also be configured separately. Depending on the workflow, Genie can support for various communication routings with Genie wired and wireless devices including Genie conference channel communication, key to key communication, Group key communication for 20key panels, external line communication, IFB/Dim and etc.


Genie IFB receiver ‘WR850’ can be connected to Genie base stations and a wireless intercom, LT150 mobile system as well. You can make pairing IFB receiver with multiple stations initially and select one from the receiver screen easily. One 5 position navigation switch supports to set and operate and 3.5mm jack TRRS earphone LME-880 is packaged with the receiver. It can be powered by the rechargeable battery of LaON’s wireless beltpacks as well as AA alkaline batteries which is highly efficient. Up to 128 receivers can be connected to the Genie base stations or LT150 mobile station.


LaON will showcase new Genie family products, 16Key IP key panel, ‘GRP16’ and ‘GDP16’, 32Key IP key panel ‘GRP32’, IFB receiver ‘WR850’and its earphone ‘LTE-880’ with the rest of Genie products during KOBA 2023.




▶Genie IP Intercom

▶Genie 16Key Panel & IFB Receiver

▶LaON booth at KOBA 2022