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PASCOM, Released “EDC Series’, a multi-functional unified PA system that pursues simple connection and operation.
2023-03-27 Views: 542

PASCOM (CEO Young Su Lee) is the leading manufacturer and distributor of PA system and broadcasting equipment that was established in 2004. They will participate and exhibit in KOBA 2023 held at COEX from 16th to 19th May to show the unified system, “EDC Series”.




EDC series is a system that integrates functions of emergency unit, emergency switch, relay group, speaker selector, and terminal board to enable emergency call, microphone broadcast, disaster broadcast, and fire emergency broadcast with a much simpler configuration than any previous system. The connection is less and easier to operate, making it convenient for consumers to use.


The configuration of EDC series is only as followings; main controller(EDC-100), sub controller(EDS-1000), PC for software, and remote amplifier(ERM-1000) for remote broadcasting. if you need to use multiple remote amplifiers, remote interface(ERI-1000) may be added.

Fire emergency broadcast is automatically made in corresponding area, through the 16 channels of fire sensing contact. You can extend the channels up to 256 by adding 15 units of EDS-1000.


PASCOM takes RS-422 communication to enable long-distance transmission when broadcasting through a PC, so that the system can be applied to more diverse spaces.

In addition, information such as FIRE/RM group setting in the program is stored in system memory to make it operates normally in case of a PC failure.


PASCOM has always developed customer-centered products, and that was the most important value during the business until now. EDC series includes their hope for customers to use better products at lower price than before.