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B&P Instrument, would like introduce acoustic analyzer and audio analyzer which is APx series of Audio Precision.
2023-03-22 Views: 541

Since March 1st 1992, we, B&P Instrument Co.,Ltd., are the one of best sales agents of international test & measurement Manufacturers for Korean Market. As an official Audio Precision agency in Korea, we have very well-organized sales forces as well as full capability of repair for warranty/non warranty services. We would like to participate in the KOBA exhibition, and will introduce Audio Precision's APx series products, which are recognized in the field of electronic audio and electronic sound test devices



APx517B Acoustic Analyzer





The APx517 B Series acoustic audio analyzer is specifically designed, configured, and priced to meet production-line needs. It is ideal for the testing of speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets, and devices with integrated speakers or microphones. With the APx517B, manufacturers can deploy an integrated system that brings the renowned quality, reliability, and robustness of Audio Precision’s lab-oriented analyzers to their manufacturing lines.



The APx517B maintains the APx Series’ tradition of flexibility and configurability. In its base configuration, APx517B is a ready-to-go system for measuring analog speakers, microphones, headphones, or headsets. For digital devices, APx517B has a module slot for the addition of a single digital interface module, such as Bluetooth, PDM or HDMI. On the software side, the base configuration provides a core set of measurements and functionality to allow out-of-the-box, fundamental test of acoustic devices. Additional advanced measurement options are available, either as individual options or as part of APx500 Flex Packs.




APx525B Audio Analyzer




The B Series APx525 is a two-channel audio analyzer for R&D engineers and production technicians who want fast and easy audio testing, but who may not need the ultra-high performance of AP’s APx555 nor require the multichannel capability of the APx585.


APx525 has two balanced and two unbalanced analog inputs and outputs plus 216k digital inputs and outputs via AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF. APx526 is the four-channel version of the APx525, developed for the four channel head units typical of the automotive audio industry.


Additionally, I/O may be expanded with optional Digital Serial (APx525 and APx526), HDMI + ARC (APx525), PDM (APx525 and APx526) and Bluetooth (APx525 and APx526) modules.