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Aepel, will change the network broadcasting sound market by connecting the automatic supply of PoE to Nepis
2022-12-22 Views: 219

"Aepel," a master of sound that has been recognized for the performance of sound devices with the Aepel phone, has released an IP speaker Nepis that can link all IP speakers and cameras with one line of TPU by incorporating POE automatic supply technology.

It is an all-room broadcasting system that enables administrators to remotely operate the system using a PC or smartphone application.

Aepel Co., Ltd. will participate in KOBA 2023 from May 16 to May 19 to showcase Nepis.


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Nepis, which allows administrators to remotely operate the system using a PC or smartphone application, all broadcasts and individual, floor, and area-specific speaker designation broadcasts are possible.

Real-time broadcasting and schedule broadcasting can be performed through time setting (weekdays and hours)

While checking CCTV footage, it can function as a two-way announcement through a phone call in case of an unusual occurrence measures can be taken immediately by broadcasting in the event of an emergency or a section notifying the danger of entry.

Automatic broadcasting can be performed using contact signals from other devices, and the normal operation of the speakers can be checked remotely without having to go directly It can be useful in unmanned stores.

All IP speakers + cameras can be connected to one UTP line (linkable) without additional installation fee easy installation and excellent in reducing construction costs.



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*Photo description

1. NEPES Model Photo NPS-25S / NPS-50S

2. Connectivity system for NEPIS products Allows multiple speakers and cameras to be connected to one PC

3. Applicable Solutions -> All Internet-enabled spaces / government offices, military units, unmanned stores, financial institutions, dangerous areas, etc

4. Model picture of Nepis speaker