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EasyTec International, specializing in exhibition design and interior design
2022-06-22 Views: 598




Established in 2001, EasyTec International specializes in exhibition design and interior design.
As exhibition design and interior design reflect recent trends, we have been actively using LED displays for design.

We signed a license agreement with Absen, a major Chinese LED display company, in 2020 by paying attention to dynamic and design LED displays,
and predicting the potential for development and demand in the domestic market.
Its own LED display is used for various purposes such as exhibition design and interior design as well as rental and sales.


EasyTec International offers a high-quality LED display solution.
First, we offer excellent resolution, high-quality products at reasonable prices.


Second, through 21 years of design know-how, LED display can be changed and utilized in various designs.
In particular, the biggest advantage is that the interior and professional construction can be carried out with their own manpower when operating LED displays.


Third, there is confidence and confidence that continuous LED display quality control is possible when purchasing a product,
and continuous professional management with the company is possible through technical support with the video team.


In the future, the LED display market will expand further, and it will be used for many purposes at the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
EasyTec International is proud to be the most organized and suitable company with a systematic and stable total solution from sales to management.

We will do our best to continue to present better products and services to our customers.