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DIGIBASE, a specialist consulting partner of AWS Media Service, exhibits at KOBA show 2022
2022-05-02 Views: 3453

DIGIBASE (CEO Daeyoung Kang, Sangkook Lee), a specialist supplier of global brand encoders and optimized media solutions, announced that it will participate in

the ‘KOBA 2022 exhibition’ held at COEX in SamSeong-dong, Seoul from June 29 to July 1. 


DIGIBASE will display an integrated suite of media services and products by AWS Elemental that enables companies to create end-to-end video workflows for both

live and on-demand video. 


AWS Elemental Live, to be showcased at the exhibition, is a 24x7 non-stop encoder that has already had high stability and recognition in the domestic media

industry for many years. It is well-known as a Future-Proof encoder with the most advanced features and functionality for support such as file storage, multilingual

captions and language, scheduling, audio function, and multi-platform simultaneous transmission among existing encoders. It is also fully compatible with the

cloud-based AWS Media Service introduced at the exhibition, and it is possible for a suitable hybrid configuration for the rapidly changing today’s video



The benefits of AWS Elemental media service are that businesses can provide stable video service, focus on their contents, build, and adapt video workflows

quickly, eliminate the need for upfront investments, and reduce management overhead using Pay-as-you-go pricing. 


In particular, ‘Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS)’, a fully-managed solution supporting interactive live video streams for web and mobile applications,

can also be directly provide d through DIGIBASE, an AWS service partner specializing in media services. Amazon IVS uses a timed metadata API to provide various

features, including contextual motion effects and visual effects, as well as viewer engagement, such as social chat and real-time Q&A during live streaming, based

on an Ultra-Low Latency environment of less than 3 seconds. With just a few clicks, you can configure an interactive live video streaming pipeline with enhanced

quality from ingesting live video to encoding and packaging, to global delivery via CDN. In addition, through the Player and broadcast SDKs, it is possible to easily

integrate with iOS, Android, and web apps to provide streamers and audiences a consistent experience and low-latency live streams without compromising video

quality or increasing buffering. 


DIGIBASE has been supplying Elemental products as a sole partner in Korea since 2013 before Elemental was acquired by AWS. In 2020, as DIGIBASE became the

regional service partner of AWS, it became a strong competitor in service with the expansion in the business model from appliance supply to the cloud. Not only do

 70% of engineers and salespeople have AWS-proven technology certifications, but they also have a high understanding of AWS Elemental Media Service based on

long partnerships and experience in  the professional media field. 


DIGIBASE, a One-stop media solution provider including services of global live streaming, OTT service, customized media SasS development, and maintenance,

etc., has built a stellar reputation for its expertise and service in the region with an incredible base of customers across Korea – from pay-TV operators to OTT

and Satellite providers. Purchase & Service Inquiries: +82 (0)2 2062 5200 | E-mail: sales@digibase.co.kr


🔳 AWS Elemental Appliance & Software

· AWS Elemental Link: encoding devices connect a live video source to Cloud

·  AWS Elemental UHD Link

· AWS Elemental Live: encode live video on-premises for events and 24/7 streams

· AWS Elemental Conductor Live: Simplify management for on-premises video encoding

🔳 AWS Elemental Media Services

  1. AWS Elemental MediaLive: a broadcast-quality live processing service
  2. AWS Elemental MediaPackage: a Just-in-time Packaging (JITP) and origination service  
  3. AWS Elemental MediaStore: a storage service optimized for media
  4. AWS Eelemtnal MediaConvert: a file-based video transcoding service
  5. AWS Elemental MediaTailor: a scalable ad insertion and linear channel assembly service
  6. AWS Elemental MediaConnect: a high-quality transport service for live video