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LaON showcases an enhanced Genie intercom system at KOBA
2022-05-02 Views: 1099

LaON’s next generation intercom system, Genie, is the industry's first converged digital IP intercom system enabling both IP Key panels and channel-rich

5GHz wireless communications in one system with the best-in-class audio clarity and low latency.


Genie offers 188 IP or wireless beltpack connections, enabling 70 beltpacks to stay in full-duplex mode. Genie is a daisy-chain PoE scalable solution facilitating

connection across an entire studio, stadium and theatre with up to 66 Remote Antenna or Repeater, and 128 IP Key panel speaker station per system. And 6

channel Genie WAN Link supports for remote productions connecting Genie devices remotely through an internet.  The system comprises a base station, IP key

panel speaker station, IP remote antenna, IP repeater, IP beltpack, Line Router, WAN Link and 5GHz wireless beltpack. Either IP or wireless system can also be

configured separately.  LaON will showcase a new Genie product, 16 key IP key panel station and more at KOBA 2022.

In Charge:  Miyoun Park, Sales & Marketing manager

Contact: 82 31 776 0095 | info@laon-tech.com