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Visual Research, launches ‘Karisma3,’ ‘Tornado3’ at KOBA 2022
2022-04-07 Views: 1155

Visual Research Inc. (VRi) unveils their new products ‘Karisma3’ and ‘Tornado3’ for the first time in Korea at KOBA 2022 to be held at COEX in

Samseong-dong, Seoul from June 29th to July 1st.



‘Karisma3’, the advanced real-time 3D graphics system for experts, is widely selected by the industrial leaders at the production worksites of elections and sports

broadcasts. It guarantees a “smart design experience” based on VRi’s accumulated technologies and know-how and the user-friendly UI. With ‘Karisma3’, designers

can create sophisticated high-resolution 3D graphics.



‘Tornado3’ is a next-generation real-time 3D character generator that provides high productivity and is a successor to the ‘Tornado’ series, which has been loved the

most by terrestrial broadcasting stations and home shopping channels in South Korea over the past twenty years. Based on its reliable performance, ‘Tornado3’ provides

designers with the best production environment and technicians with operation stability, delivering the best visual experience to TV viewers.


Visitors can experience ‘Karisma3’ and ‘Tornado3’ at the Visual Research booth at the upcoming KOBA 2022.