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If you're aiming for the entertainment world, at TOHO GAKUEN
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TOHO GAKUEN is a vocational school established in 1969 by the Japanese television station TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.).

It is a two-year vocational school approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Foster professionals who can play an active role in industries such as

TV, radio, movies, animation, voice actors, concerts, music, talents and performing arts. We have produced over 50,000 graduates, mainly in the

entertainment industry. Currently, we have four vocational schools, each of which can be divided into specialized fields for study. We accept many international

students every year from all the countries of the world. The number of international students is increasing year by year. The advisor stationed at each school

support their school life in Japan. We offer a variety of consultations from admission to graduation.


TOHO GAKUEN Media Training College

TOHO GAKUEN Media Training College which brings up the program production staff of TV radio. We found school which the education-related business

headquarters established in TBS as forerunner and, by taking advantage of education know-how only in "school created from the spot of entertainment"

and big pipe with the industry, produce many graduates. We can meet graduate of TOHO GAKUEN in every spot of “ industry! It is played an active part

everybody even if we say "so as not to be exaggeration. 


TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques Training College

 In TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques Training College bringing up creators such as movie, MV, CM, animation, CG, novel, practical training to produce

work is satisfying. In addition, rental of machine parts, facilities OK's overtime in class! We can fully devote ourselves to work production for two years. Movie

director and animator, music video director, lecturers playing an active part regularly including novelist convey sought skill on the site.


TOHO GAKUEN Sound Technology College

It is TOHO GAKUEN Sound Technology College that is specialized in personnel training of the music industry staff including music, sound, concert. Booking

does artist by oneself and we plan live and hold and actually wear technique and knowledge to be used on the site of music through training cutting a record.

The staff has abundant the spot training to participate in in Fez such as "SUMMER SONIC".


TOKYO ANNOUNCE GAKUIN Performing Arts College

TOKYO ANNOUNCE GAKUIN Performing Arts College (under an alias: TOKYO ANNOUNCE GAKUIN) which brings up the cast (performer) who can play an active

part in the entertainment industry. It keeps pro-performance class to be able to learn from the basics abundantly. Debut support including on-campus audition that invited the

production person in charge as judge is fulfilling. Following graduates such as Kosuke Tsuchida and TIME MACHINE SANGOU of talent, Takuma Terashima, 増田 俊樹, 大久保 瑠美

of voice actor, let's aim at debut!



It’s the special organization for TOHO GAKUEN’s alumni and alumnae, where all the graduates in many generations get together to extend their network in various ways.

Many of our alumni and alumnae were students from overseas and now they work very active in the various fields in their own countries. Especially those students from

South Korea,we have already had 1,100+ South Korean graduates. TOHO-KAI in South Korea was organized by those graduates and they have an  annual alumni reunion

every year.