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Catenoid, Accelerates a Digital Transformation with Video Platforms
2022-03-25 Views: 944


Catenoid Inc., a leading provider of video technology as a service (VTaaS) in Korea, will participate in the KOBA 2022 exhibition held at

COEX in Seoul from June 29 to July 1.


Catenoid is the first company to launch an online video platform (OVP) in Korea and has offered a seamless video service to more than

500 domestic and foreign customers. The company provides VTaaS, an optimized solution with video technology as a service, which integrates software,

hardware, and networks associated with online video into a single platform for its customers.


At the KOBA 2022 exhibition, held under the theme of “Media, Waves of Innovation,” Catenoid plans to present video platforms that power digital or cloud

transformation in various industries, including media providers.


■ Loomex, a media asset management platform

The consumption of video content, which was primarily focused on TV, is rapidly transitioning to various internet-based platforms, such as OTT,

social media, and portals, thanks to the development of the internet. As the consumption of video content that focuses in particular on mobile devices

becomes routinized, producers or owners of videos require a new management system that can quickly and effectively spread, distribute, and

manage theirvideos on various distribution platforms.


Existing media providers are rapidly attempting to make changes to respond to these market changes, and digital or cloud transformation is a core

strategy forthis trend. Catenoid provides a cloud management service that helps digital and cloud transformation of media providers through VCAST,

a media asset management platform that was launched based on the technology and know-how obtained through the VTaaS project.




Loomex, a media asset management platform of Catenoid


With Loomex, media-related companies, including broadcasting, content, and entertainment, can quickly edit and distribute their video content.

The re-edit process is required to distribute content to online channels that focus on short-form content, a video shorter than 10 minutes,

so it provides frame-by-frame editing and logo and subtitle-inserting features in a web-based content management page, enabling quick content creation.

Moreover, it provides an automatic distribution feature according to a real-time or reserved schedule and increases work efficiency through automation

of the inspection and approval process. In addition, it is composed of two line-ups, namely building types, which can be flexibly linked with an existing system and

provide customer-centered features, and the SaaS type, which can be applied immediately without separate building. This enables companies to select according

to their circumstances.


Loomex provides a feature that safely preserves high-resolution original data in the content archive and converts it into a standard format. Since original

and converted copies are saved in a stable archive environment, this enables administrators to search for and download data depending on their purposes

and needs. In addition, more systematic content management is available, and reusability can be improved by inputting various metadata, such as broadcasting

video data, episode data, and clip data. Additional features, including programming and transmitting VOD and live broadcasts, various options for the transmission

method, advertising management, real-time recording through API linkage for broadcasting programming, and content-related analysis reporting, are provided as well.


■ Kollus VOD & LIVE, helping with ‘untact’ business in a new normal era

The range of utilization of videos has been broadening to not only the media industry but also various other industries, and this trend has been accelerated

due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been widely present since 2020. The so-called “untact” trend using online video streaming services has been rapidly

introduced into corporation communication and the education field, and various plans using videos are popular in the entertainment industry, such as online

performance and fan meetings.



Kollus VOD, a video streaming platform of Catenoid


Kollus, an online video platform of Catenoid, is a video cloud service that integrates and provides all the technologies necessary for internet video service to

corporate customers. It transmits video content in a form of SaaS (software-as-a-service) that uses an application service operated in a cloud environment. Kollus

VOD,a video streaming platform, is used primarily by companies that share in-house content that is difficult to transmit to free platforms such as YouTube

and utilize content such as premium video lectures. In particular, the digital rights management (DRM) feature enables companies to obtain security, and content

delivery network (CDN) technology guarantees both security and speed with the distributed server.


Kollus Live, a live streaming platform of Catenoid


Kollus Live, a live streaming platform, is designed for online audiences to enjoy live streaming that broadcasts online performances, fan meetings, etc.

in real-time while communicating through its chatting solution developed by the company. As a live service, it supports HTML5 players that apply a

multi-DRM solution to provide security for preventing the recording or unauthorized distribution of content and reprocessing. Furthermore, it provides

features to block access with duplicate IDs to be viewed with only one device and prevent duplicate viewing by regularly checking them.


■ Kollus Live Commerce for live commerce, a new form of broadcasting

As new media and various online platforms emerge, “live commerce” has become a rapidly growing field. Live commerce, a compound word of live

streaming and e-commerce, is a broadcast that sells products while communicating through real-time videos on mobile. The combination of existing

e-commerce and media is considered a core factor for its growth. Catenoid captured the point that relevant companies are increasing their investment

in video technology capabilities as the live commerce market is rapidly expanding, and it further strengthened its platform to provide advanced features

to expand its business into the B2B market.



Kollus Live Commerce, a live commerce platform of Catenoid


Kollus Live Commerce, a live commerce platform of Catenoid, enables live commerce broadcasting on websites or app-based shopping malls, providing optimized

IT infrastructure. It has been introduced and serviced in Gongyoung Labang, a live commerce broadcast of Public Home Shopping, which was launched last

February and is recognized for its excellent technology and development by leading distribution channels in Korea, such as NS Home Shopping and Shinsegae

Duty Free Shop.


Catenoid provides a live commerce platform that addresses various customer groups, from large enterprises to small- and medium-sized enterprises and small

businesses. Kollus Live Commerce is serviced with two types of models, namely on-premise and SaaS types, so it can be customized according to the size,

environment, and budget of companies. In addition, the SaaS type model allows users to select the features they want without deploying the on-premise solution,

so it can be actively used by small- and medium-sized companies and small businesses that are burdened by the initial investment expenses to advance into

the live commerce market. Front pages specifically for live commerce can be used as an exclusive space with its brand broadcasts to increase the

convenience of users.