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Motion Technologies, to exhibit NEW 'Motion-Capture-based Real-Time Technology' suitable for the era of the Metaverse
2022-03-17 Views: 1098



Motion Technologies, Inc. (CEO Ki-hyuk Yang) announced that it will participate in 'KOBA 2022' held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from June 29 to July 1. As it has an unrivaled edge in the domestic motion capture market with 22 years of experience, this exhibition will introduce a new real-time technology based on motion capture. As motion capture devices to be used together, full-body motion capture is performed using gyro sensor-based Xsens and optical motion-capture-based OptiTrack, MANUS Gloves for finger tracking, and Faceware for facial motion capture at the same time, from facial expressions to fingertips It is presented as a complete form of Metaverse real-time.



Xsens wears a dedicated suite with a gyro sensor attached, and is used to record, monitor, and process its movements. Users can completely dataize every action anywhere in any environment. As it is not limited to a specific location, it is possible to produce necessary motions in a wide range of fields such as movies, animations, and games without a dedicated studio space.



OptiTrack is another motion capture device, which is an optical device that uses camera tracking. You will need a dedicated studio for tracking, but with the latest Motive 3.0 update, it's very well suited for complex actions like action, dance, and more with up to 5 people.


Manus' Prime X Glove has been added with a finger spread function, showing a wide range of possibilities for games and animations. The new Polygon is also a simple VR solution for full-body tracking.


Faceware's facial capture hardware and software combine cutting-edge technology with an intuitive artist-friendly workflow to enable professional animators to accurately capture facial performance and create reliable facial animations quickly and reliably.




Using these motion capture equipment, Motion Technology has gathered all of the technology and know-how it has accumulated while developing motion-capture-based content production technology and solutions since 1999 to deliver real-time technology with a higher level of quality than anyone else’s matter what you want. All of them will be shown in this exhibition.



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