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MAKUS Systems, Showcases AI based Video Super Resolution. DeepField-SR
2021-03-29 Views: 424



Xilinx South Korea authorized reseller Makus Systems (CEO Dong-Cheol Shin) announced that it will participate in KOBA 2021,

held at COEX in Seoul, Korea from May 11 to 13.

Recently, Xilinx, a programmable semiconductor (FPGA) company, launched an Alveo U50/U30 solution optimized for

video streaming, and today we developed a super-resolution semiconductor IP using Alveo U50 and U30.

Together with BLUEDOT (CEO Jeon Min YONG), it is introducing DeepField-SR, a super-resolution semiconductor

IP product that can convert low-resolution to high-resolution video.


DeepField-SR is a Semiconductor Accelerator that utilizes Xilinx Alveo cards to provide the highest efficient computing operation

required for UHD video. It creates excellent quality of UHD video by fusing information between successive frames

of input video using BLUEDOT's own Artificial Intelligent Neural Network Algorithm trained with numerous video data.


Supporting Xilinx's Alveo cards U200 and U50, DeepField-SR is deployed to both public cloud and on-premises platform.

Designed with an expandable architecture, DeepField-SR can flexibly respond to the needs of video upscaling at various

resolutions by supporting multiple FPGA cards simultaneously. Runtime performance of upscaling is 11 to 14 frames

per second at 4K resolution on one(1) Alveo card. If three(3) Avelo cards are used, DeepField can perform 30frames

per second at 4K resolution so that it can be applied to Live Streaming Service.


With the recent growth of the ultra-high resolution display market and increasing demand for online video streaming services,

content service providers are actively investing in producing high-quality video content that viewers expect. In addition,

research is being conducted to apply Artificial Intelligence technology to services for a better viewing experience of users,

and interest in Video Super Resolution algorithms that can convert Low-resolution original video into high-resolution is growing.


In response to these market demands, DeepField-SR, developed by BLUEDOT, is expected to receive a lot of attention from content service companies around the world.