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Aim at being Professionals in the Entertainment World
2019-10-24 Views: 1863

TOHO GAKUEN Institute was initially established as the TBS Computer School by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in 1969.

After its approval as an Educational Foundation in 1979 TOHO GAKUEN, and with support from the entertainment industry, it began producing many graduates for the broadcast, music and entertainment industry both in Japan and abroad, receiving high-praise for the quality of its students.

TOHO GAKUEN consists of four technical colleges: TOHO GAKUEN Media Training College; TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques Training College; TOHO GAKUEN Sound Technology College; and TOKYO ANNOUNCE GAKUIN Performing Arts College.

These schools offer international and domestic students a 2-year training program with the awarding of a 「Technical Diploma」after graduation. With this qualification "specialist" qualification, students are then permitted to work in Japan. Many graduates are active in the industry in Japan and moreover are
very highly regarded by the Media industry.

Address:4-5-2 Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,160-0023 Japan TEL +81-3-3378-7531(International) Free dial 0120-343-261(in Japan Only) http://www.tohogakuen.ac.jp