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Alpha Lite, A lighting package launched by development of ultra-high capacity multi-color LED engine
2020-12-02 Views: 1799

Alpha Lite Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi An-sik) has made an announcement of participation in the 'International Broadcasting, Sound and Lighting Equipment Exhibition' (KOBA 2021) that will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul in May. New spot/panel LED lights powered with an ultra-high-capacity multi-color LED engine developed by Alpha Lite will be packaged and introduced for use in broadcasts, movies, and theatres.


Many of domestic and foreign LED lights currently developed are to replace halogen or HMI lights. However, Alpha Lite's new LED package light (alias) has been created by the advantages of LED and innovative R&D, and will create the future of LED light to come, not the replacement of the light currently in use.


 [Development features for new LED package light (alias)]

  • Spotlight (Fresnel)
    • Development of two models of 550W/1100W with 6 Color(RGB + Amber/Lime/Cyan) + WW LED engine.
    • Development of zoom lens for condensing and multi-focusing of LED engine




  • Panel light
    • Development of a multi-array plate based on 9 Color(RGB + Amber/Lime/Cyan + Deep Red + Royal Blue + Ultra Viotlet) + WW LED.
    • Development of a multi-array flat lens for condensing and zoom-focusing multi-focal light source.
  • Common Features
  • Development of ‘light color variable-color temperature control’ color matching software program for mixing/control of light sources.
  • Equipped with a smart touch controller that enables light control and setting based on bidirectional communication
  • Development of integrated heat sink applying a heat pipe and a water cooling system to maximize thermal dissipation efficiency.
  • By applying the super engineering plastic, the design & hardware of light weight, high tensile and superb strength are accomplished.
  • Power capacity of the released product family 
  • SPOT light series(Fresnel): Halogen output equivalent 1000~5000W, HMI output equivalent 800~2400W.
  • PANNEL light series: 200~800W based on LED capacity.





[ Features of the new LED package light (alias)]

Alpha Lite’s newly released LED package light(alias) complements and resolves the existing LED lights’ problems related to light sources, optics, thermal dissipation, and light control. It consists of packages from small to ultra-high capacity with the fixture's future-oriented design and structure.

As the LED light source is highly integrated, the light source size is reduced to 25 ~ 30. Therefore, it has a solid underpinning to improve the light efficiency in optical design with wide zoom focusing range of 8 ~ 80° and very uniform light distribution with more than 85% light source flatness. In particular, with the new LED engine, now it has become possible to express a wide range of colors, improve the light quality of white light (CRI98 / TLCI99 / CQS97) and control wide color temperature (1,650 ~ 25,000K). Moreover, at beam cutting by barndoor, multi-shadow doesn’t appear and it is possible without changing the brightness of the lighting.

The thermal dissipation efficiency is maximized by the complex cooling system, and the fan noise is extremely low, which is enough to make less than 3db per 1meter distance.


The super engineering plastic used as fixture hardware has a heat resistance temperature that can withstand up to 205°, and has an iron-like-strength due to its light-weight & high-tensile strength. The fixture’s easy and convenient maintenance design for troubleshooting is provided as well. 

It is based on two-way communication. The wire & wireless complex network communication is primarily provided, and it contains a number of run & control lighting software technologies, including on-time error checking and maintenance functions.


Alpha Lite’s LED light with many years of R&D is opening a new era of LED light with light source/optical/thermal-dissipation/equipment-design/LED-lighting-control/light-color-variable-color-temperature-control software. In addition, Alpha Lite’s LED light technology will be applied and utilized in medical/agricultural/textile fields, which are difficult to materialize with general lighting.


In the upcoming LED lighting industry, pursuing the need for lighting fixtures that can be applied in combination to various shooting environments aimed by users, and easy and intuitive to operate and function, is expected.