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HDR Master 4K, an HDR video source generator from NovaStar
2020-03-18 Views: 456



We’re NovaStar, a global leading LED display solution provider, designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment,

digital signage and rental.  With 37 branches serving more than 10,000 corporate and retail clients worldwide, NovaStar has been continuously strengthening our innovation, manufacturing and support capability.

Our product line ranges from LED display synchronous control system, LED display point-to-point calibration system to cloud-based management services.

We have proudly served both corporate and retail clients ranging from the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony, concerts to digital advertising signage.

NovaStar supports enables our worldwide clients to optimize productivity and business performance. 

NovaStar commits to pioneer innovative technology in LED display control and has been offering products with exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights identified as industry standard.

Our goal is continue to create value for our clients with pioneer technology, tailored solutions, user-friendly products and professional support.


This year, we’re introducing you the HDR Master 4K Video Processor !

HDR Master 4K is an HDR video source generator that can transform SDR into an HDR10 video source, providing greater brightness range, richer colors and more details

by using Novastar’s AI dynamic range extension technology.